Unit 315, 3/F, Kinetic Industrial Centre,
7 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Model : HR-40S

-  Adopting step-feed and layer-by-layer heating technology, which can effectively prevent problems such as mixing boiled and un-boiled water due to the traditional float-ball valve control. By adopting microcomputer control system, water is boiled only once, and eliminates the problem of repeated boiling and continuous “bubbling evaporation” in multi-tank type water dispensers. This ensures healthy drinking water is provided.- A freely time setting functions enhance the appliance can heating automatically upon your requirement everyday.

- Five safety designs such as anti-leakage, anti-dry heating, anti-flame, lid lock and steam proofing. Error information displayed with alarm in case of abnormality or fault.

- High quality low carbon stainless steel elaborately chosen in over 50 years, resists high temperature and vapor corrosion and is firm and durable.

- Precise Temperature Adjustment (40℃~99℃)

- Super thickness design with only 19cm thick.

- Wila is the first brand using an LCD microprocessor to set the operation schedule, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption in non-operating hours by 50%. By adopting individual compartment heating, it greatly minimized heat loss by 60% if compared with traditional water dispensers. 
Casing                                                                          : Stainless Steel
Dimension (mm)                                                         : 540 x 190 x 700  ( W x D x H )
Installation Type                                                         :  Counter / Wall Mount       

Hot Water Capacity                                                    :  40L
Hot Water Flow per Hour                                          :  70L
Power Rating                                                              : 220V / 13.6A / 3KW
Recommended Power Source                                   : 15A Socket
Distance Between Water Outlet and Table              : 210mm
The tested of Lead Content meet the WHO Guidelines.

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