Model : LS-307AE, LS-307C
Counter Top Type                   Under Sink Type 

Model No. : LS-307AE            
Model No. : LS-307C


Four Stage Filtration :

1st Stage - 5 micron, PP
Sediment Reduction

2nd Stage - 5 micron, GAC Carbon Filter
Chlorine, Odor and THMs Reduction

3rd Stage - CTO Carbon Filter
Chemical, Chlorine, Odor and THMs Reducation

4th Stage - 0.01 Micron, Holow Fiber Membrane
Bacteria, Coliform Removal >99.9%

Flow Rate : 1 GPM

Max. Pressure : 80 psi

Max. Temperature : 45℃
Dimension : 390H x 410L x 150W mm

(215H mm from outlet to table)

Faucet Model : DF-027 ( For LS-307C Only )

DF-027 - 290H x 140W mm

(230H mm from outlet to table)

Electricity : N/A

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